Si tienes material de Madrid o del extranjero que sea anterior al año 2000 y quieres que se publique en esta página, contacta conmigo.


These are graffiti styles, pieces and murals from my personal graffiti photo archive.  Since 1989 I've  taken pictures of graff and changed flix with other european artists and collectors, before the internet, digital cameras and only using kodak films. 20 years later were starting to collect dust in my forgotten photo albums, so I got the idea to open up my graffiti archive and share all these amazing graffiti pieces with you. I guess that there are a few oddities and rarities pieces to be found among these flix.  Hope you enjoy this site and all the amazing graffiti art included on it. If you got stuff before 2000 and want to include them in this webpage, don't hesitate and send it to me. Golden years of european graffiti art  must will never be forgotten!! 


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